Attraction Marketing is the New Flavor of Network Marketing

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The challenges facing the business world today have created the opportunity to take a different look and approach to network marketing.

If you have looked inside your local newspaper recently you probably noticed the section which previously was filled with job opportunities is considerably smaller than it has been previously. First thought is there are fewer job openings available and while that may be true it is also a reality that employers have found a better way to attract prospective employees and that is by online job boards and placing the job postings online. Similar changes can be seen in the area of network marketing.

Attraction marketing is a perfect fit for the present day economical situations. Consumers have become informed consumers rather than impulse consumers. Pressure sales are not popular in the business atmosphere of today. Attraction marketing puts sparkle in your network marketing strategies.

Attraction marketing is all about appealing to your target market. Rather than pushing your product to the consumer you will want to attract your market to your website or products. Understanding this it is easy to see attraction marketing starts with you website. Your website should be easy to use and move about within. It is important that links on your site take your visitors somewhere. That may sound a little strange but the best way for your site to lose its attraction for visitors is for them to click on a link that takes them nowhere or to a different place than identified on the link.

Attraction marketing is about leading not selling. To be a winner at attraction marketing you should develop excellent listening skills. These skills will serve you well as you need to listen to your leads to find out what their needs are and what problems they experience. This will empower you to provide a real solution to their real problems. It is your job to create the need for your services or products.

Blogs in relation to network marketing are an excellent listening and solution tool that successfully attracts target markets for a particular niche or interest group.

Attraction marketing provides the opportunity to provide value added services and products. As you discover your target market’s problems and offer solutions you establish yourself as the expert.

Attraction marketing does exist and work with brick and mortar stores and businesses by use of surveys, business cards, media ads, and various promotional type make balanced products including pens, magnets, and calendars. But our attention is placed on attraction marketing on the internet.

The internet has redefined business in almost every aspect. Stores online are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to virtually everyone in the world regardless of location. Network Marketing strategies are necessary to set your online business up for success.

Attraction marketing tools are tools your target market uses in their day to day online activities such as social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. Articles are another great avenue for attraction marketing and in addition to your target market the search engines Google and Yahoo are infatuated with informational articles with relevant keywords flowing naturally within the content. Gaining the favor of Google and Yahoo will put you ahead of your completion when it comes to search engine ranking which is excellent when it comes to network marketing.

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