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So What’s Empower Network All About?

Empower Network Basic @ $25/mo

For much less than one dollar each day you’ll have full access to the viral blogging platform that eliminates all the technical stuff when starting a business with online content marketing.

You, as well as your team members, will be able to use a fully optimized WordPress blog with all of the amazing cash generating graphics and SEO stuff already done for you

A WordPress blog created, optimized and installed like the one you get with Empower Network would cost a minimum of $600. And that will not include maintenance.

Is your organization not duplicating? They will now…


Empower Network Inner Circle @ $100/mo

In addition to what you receive with the Basic package, you will be included in the Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind. Right here is where you’ll learn the ‘top marketing strategies’ and how to get the most out of one’s blogging platform, so you are able to begin creating extremely optimized content material to get huge amounts of visitors for your weblog and begin generating these 100% commissions.

This membership level also consists of weekly training webinars where you will learn LIVE and in person from the best within this industry and how they’re building massive businesses leveraging the Empower Network.

Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive @ $500 one time

This package is for the hardcore entrepreneurs who wants to get an in depth understanding of how huge money is truly made on-line. These full HD videos were shot earlier last year in 2011 at David Wood’s home in Costa Rica. Each and every individual whom attended this private mastermind retreat had to pay in excess of $3000. You will receive it all for just $500!

This is the package I purchased. Prior to writing this article I’ve watched the first two of 10 Costa Rica Intensive videos and what I’ve learned in just those two videos has expanded my understanding and given me a completely new perspective on my business and how to achieve my goals faster. I had no clue how the gurus got to where they are so quick.

It’s so simple… however you’ll never really know until you see these videos. Not to mention, they are beautiful… recorded within the highest definition with the Costa Rica beaches in the background. You can almost smell the ocean water… Ok, not really… But they are cool.


Why I recommend you buy at the highest level

David Wood – First of all, if you know anything about David Wood then you know he’s the best salesman within the on-line network marketing industry. Specializing in systems and funnels, not only has he generated millions of dollars in revenue in just 18 months but he is actually the leading recruiter in his primary network marketing company as well as the biggest marketing system in his niche.

As a member of Empower Network you have access towards the best converting sales funnel in the industry today, which means more leads and more cash for you. Why learn how to market and sell like David Wood when you could just pay him to do all of the marketing and selling for you? It’s a wonderful thing.

David Sharpe – Then you have David Sharpe who has mastered the fine skill of making compelling sales copy that basically guarantees to convert your traffic and leads in to stone cold buyers on the spot. Your Empower Network auto-responder messages and sales copy has been created by one of the most highly respected copywriters in the game. This really is a gift that doesn’t come cheap… unless of course, you are a member of Empower Network.

ROI – Most importantly, Empower Network is absolutely flipping the web marketing business upside-down with their earth shaking 100% commission compensation. You just need to send one person who is ready for success into this sales funnel and you’ve just made a total Return On Investment with your first sale. Can you tell me of any other program in any niche that can offer you something close to that? I’m thinking, not.

Everybody Will Buy Everything – Imagine for a moment that you own a marketing program that could guarantee that your downline, no matter the marketing budget, will buy everything from you… eventually. Slap, slap, pinch, pinch… Wake Up!

You no longer need to dream from the day everybody buys absolutely everything from you. Why?  Simply because with Empower Network you only earn commissions on those products that you actually own. So what does this mean?

It indicates that when you have a downline team member who is a wuss… or maybe they truly cannot afford the $100 Inner Circle Membership or the $500 cost of the Costa Rica Intensive HD Video course but they have a prospect come through and buy every product… guess who makes a commission! That’s right… You do!

You see, with Empower Network, when you don’t own a product that somebody comes through your funnel and buys, you don’t get paid… the closest person upline from you who does own it will make these commissions. This isn’t exactly a bad factor, simply because as I said earlier this business is completely scalable. Meaning, in the event you have to start out small and work your way up towards getting into bigger packages, that’s completely ok. Because that is what we do here… we assist you to make money even if you’ve never produced cash on-line before.


Now is the time to make a decision…


  1. Are you ready for a change?
  2. Are you ready to start earning the guru type income without actually having to be a guru?
  3. But most importantly, are you willing give up 1-2 hours per day to change your life in the next 90 days?


If so, I would love to work with you as a member of my Empower Network team.  Click Here to join me in this exciting adventure. Expect a call from me as soon as I see you on the inside.


To skip the first video and buy right now, Click Here.  Be sure that you see my username (PowerLevelMarketing) and my name (Dann Sanderson) as your sponsor on the signup page.


P.S. Be sure to clear your tracking cookies before purchasing anything through Empower Network. This will ensure that you get on my team and not somebody else.