Why High Ticket “Get Paid Today” Programs Make Sense

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Why High Ticket “Get Paid Today” Programs Make Sense

Regarding network marketing opportunities, there are thousands of different companies to choose from. From energy drinks to financial products, choosing which is right for you can be overwhelming. In my article I want to focus on high ticket programs and explore the benefits.

First of all, what do I mean by “high ticket?” This term refers to the cost to join the company. While so many MLM companies offering entry for less than $100, high ticket programs can run into the thousands.

And “get paid today?” This is simply a term describing commissions payout. Instead of waiting years for a downline to form and produce high commissions, get paid today custom web Houston programs pay immediate high commissions upon the sale of the product. And it’s usually a 100% commission.

Let’s say you sign up for a high ticket program… Usually what happens is you purchase the product and are given 100% resale rights to sell the same product. So if you purchase a software package for, say, $1497.00, you can re-sell it to your prospect and make the entire commission! What benefit is there for the prospect? They can duplicate the process and earn great income in the same way

Can it get better? Yes, and it does. These programs are sometimes based on a “one-up” commission system. What does that mean? It means that you “pass up” your first sale to your sponsor in exchange for the rights to receive your distributor’s first commission for life! Can you see the potential a system like this can have for you?

Income aside, however, there are other benefits as well. In MLM, distributors can sign up for as little as $49 or less. This sounds great, but What do new distributors stand to lose when they drop out? You guessed it, $49. With attrition rates to high in network marketing, you can’t afford to offer such an inexpensive program!

So here is my point: When you bring a high ticket program to the table, you attract a whole new class of business person. And with a higher entry fee, there is more to lose if you decide to walk away from the opportunity.

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